• TAE Symposium Epoxidharze

    Symposium Epoxidharze

    14. und 15. Mai 2019

Symposium Epoxy Resins in Electrical Engineering

New Challenges: „REACH“ and E-Mobility

Retrospect on the 2019 Symposium

Already at the end of the 1940s epoxy resins were used in electrical engineering applications. Since then they have entered many areas in electrical engineering, and their importance has grown considerably. Due to their excellent properties profile epoxy resins are able to fulfil a large variety of tasks, serving as insulating materials, structural parts or as protection against negative influencing factors from outside. Later on polyurethanes have been developed which are mainly used as encapsulants for electronic devices.

The lectures of of the first day of this symposium focus on consequences of different REACH regulations on the use of different insulation materials. focus will be the SVHC listing of some anhydride curing agents under REACH. Impacts on processing, properties and applications of new curing agents and mechanism will be highlighted. The background of REACH regulations and possible impacts on MV and HV applications will be explained, together with general future requirements of energy markets Updates will be provided on processing technologies.

The second day of the symposium will focus on new developments in e-mobility. New demands for epoxy will be explained, like high heat conductivity, thermal cycling behavior, combined with fast casting & impregnation processes. Different material approaches will be shown, as well as developments in processing technology. Main applications tackled are motors and high temperature electronics.

Besides the lectures it is an important part of the symposium to provide a meeting platform for utilities, research institutes, users and suppliers. This tradition will be continued and supported with additional organizational activities.

Conference language is English taking into account the increased globalization and to open the conference to non-German-speaking participants.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hossein Borsi
Leibniz Universität Hannover

Dr. Hubert Wilbers
Huntsman Advanced Materials GmbH, Basel, Schweiz

Main Subjects

  • REACH: Status of SVHC listing of 2 hardener ((M)HHPA)
  • Consequences of such listing for epoxy part productions
  • Requirements on epoxy insulations for medium and high voltage
  • Introduction into resin systems for impregnation and casting
  • Typical production processes for casting and impregnation (from VPI to ADG)
  • Future trends in electrical power generation and distribution, technology as well as e-mobility
  • Options for encapsulation of electrical motors for automotive drive
  • Thermal management and simulation on insulation of electrical drives

Organisation and Contact

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Bach
E-Mail: roland.bach@tae.de
Telefon: +49 711 3 40 08-14

Andrea Zeh
E-Mail: andrea.zeh@tae.de
Telefon: +49 711 3 40 08-52

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