Industrial and Automotive Lubrication

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Gesellschaft für Tribologie e. V. (GfT) und dem Verband der Schmierstoff-Industrie e. V. (VSI)

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09.01.2018 - 11.01.2018
9:30 Uhr
in Ostfildern

Technische Akademie Esslingen
An der Akademie 5
73760 Ostfildern

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Dr.-Ing. A. Fatemi
Technische Akademie Esslingen e. V., Ostfildern

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The Programme Planning Committee together with the German Society of Tribology have again compiled an attractive programme for the forthcoming conference in 2018.

Ziel des Seminars

The multifaceted lectures cover almost all areas relating to friction, wearing and lubrication. Classical topics of engine and gearing lubrication will be presented. In addition new developments in the fields of lubricants, additives, materials, surface properties and modern testing will be discussed.

For three days experts and interested parties will exchange at international level. There will be an exhibition during the event, and on the fourth day a plant tour to Daimler will take place.

The conference language will be exclusively English.

You will find the detailed conference programme with all information regarding talks and speakers at:

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Seminarthemen im Überblick

9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Plenary Session
> Tribute to Professor Peter Jost (C. Wincierz)
> Challenges in Lubricant Development – Sustainability, Raw Materials and New Technologies (L. Lindemann)
> STLE Emerging Trends in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering (M. Anderson)
> Quo Vadis Electric Mobility? – Power Trains for the Electric Cars of the Future (K. Kreisköther)
> E-Gas – An Important Element on the Way to CO2-Neutral Mobility (T. Garbe)

> Base Oils
> Engine Oils
> Lubricant Films
> Gears
> Roller Element Bearings
> Polymers and Tribo-contact
> Metal Working Formulations
> Ionic Liquids
> White Etching Cracks

9:00 am - 5:15 pm
5:15 pm Visit to Festo AG & Co. KG, Esslingen
7:00 pm Conference Dinner in Esslingen-Berkheim

Plenary Session
> Potentials, Perspectives and Limitations of Atomistic Tribosimulation (M. Mosler)
> Dynamics, Flank Surface Distress, Power Loss and Hybrid Manufacturing in Gears (J. Seabra)
> Anomalous Lubricant Flow in Elastohydrodynamic Contacts (J. Wong)

> Bio Lubricants
> Greases
> EHL-Contacts
> Test Methods
> Polymers
> Metal Working Applications
> Molecular-dynamics
> Engine Tribology
> Rough Surfaces Contact
> Test Methods
> Polymer Gears
> Metal Working Fluids
> Gas Bearings
> Surface Phenomena
> Tribological Fundamentals

Visit to Festo AG & Co. KG

Conference Dinner in Esslingen-Berkheim

9:00 am - 4:45 pm
4:45 Farewell Party

Plenary Session
> The Partition of Friction and Wear at Ultra-Mild Sliding Wear and Boundary Lubrication (A. Fischer)
> Surface Efects on Friction and Wear of Stainless Steels Exposed to Fatigue, Corrosive and Lubricated Environment (N. Espallargas)
> Hydro Lubrication: The Future of Lubricants is Based on Water (M. Pfadt)

> Additives
> Condition Monitoring
> Gearbox
> Tribological Testing
> Materials
> Coatings
> Axle Fluids/Hydraulic
> Journal Bearings
> Coating Testing

Plenary Session
> Skyrocketing E-Mobility (T. Brandenburg)
> How Tribology grows – Activities of the German Young Tribologists (M. Bäse)

Farewell Party


Dr.-Ing. Arshia Fatemi
Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V., Ostfildern,

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