• International Colloquium Fuels

    13th International Colloquium Fuels

    The event is cancelled.

  • International Colloquium Fuels

    13th International Colloquium Fuels

    The event is cancelled.

International Colloquium Fuels – 15 and 16 September 2021

The 13th International Colloquium Fuels is cancelled.

Conventional and Future Energy for Automobiles

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With the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 the United Nations explained their willingness to limit the GHG Emissions and contribute with measures against the global warming effect.  In 2019 the European Commission proposed the Green Deal and thereof the target to be climate neutral in 2050. In consequence the fossil based energy system has to transform into a climate neutral Energy system with renewable and sustainable energy carriers.  Research and development on alternative Fuels and new production processes are ongoing to provide the technical solution. Political actions are needed to provide the economic frame conditions for the introduction of such alternative fuel solutions.

The fulfilment of the European CO2 reduction targets until 2050 needs realistic technical solutions including backwards compatible approaches for existing vehicle fleet. An economic and sustainable development towards climate neutral mobility requires a holistic view on base of life cycle assessments for the different mobility approaches including the economic impact as well as the financing model. 

A synergetic discussion of solutions for future fuels and powertrain technologies is needed to develop an economic pathway to a sustainable and affordable mobility of tomorrow.

The challenging target for mobility can only be achieved by an international cooperation of universities, the vehicle producers, the mineral oil industry, the energy producer and the legislative bodies. 

Intention of the Colloquium

The international colloquium aims to contribute to the development into a climate neutral mobility by the exchange and the discussion of all aspects connected with the system “powertrain/fuel/environment” including the needed political regulations.

Main Topics

Production Technologies for Sustainable Fuels

  • Sustainable feedstock sources and pre-treatment for fuel production
  • Production and blending of sustainable fuel components
  • Learnings with first pilot plants and Scale Up
  • Integration of sustainable fuel production into Refinery operation (Green Refinery)
  • New approaches for synthetic fuel production
  • New fuel (blend) specification

Application of Sustainable Fuels

  • Potentials and challenges with internal combustion engines with sustainable fuels (e.g. diesel, gasoline, alcohols, ethers, H2, NH3, CH4)
  • Potentials and challenges with turbines and sustainable aviation fuels
  • Material compatibility with alternative fuels
  • H2-Fuel Cell application

Impact of Fuel on Emission

  • Outlook on upcoming new Emission Standards
  • Emission reduction with sustainable fuel solutions
  • Impact and potentials of sustainable fuels on exhaust after treatment technology

Fuel-Analysis (New Methods and Methodologies)

  • New concepts and methods for fuel analysis
  • Accounting, certification of new fuel components and process technologies

Holistic Evaluation of Sustainable Fuel Solutions

  • Impact assessments of new fuel technologies (energetic, economic evaluation)
  • Approaches for legal regulations to support uptake of sustainable fuel solutions
  • Life Cycle assessment on GHG and other emissions

Parallel to the colloquium, there will be an exhibition.

Colloquium Languages

Conference languages are English (preferred) and German. Papers will be printed in English or in German. The presentations will be given in English.

Participation fee

In Person Participation, incl. conference documentation, catering and evening event
EUR 890.00 (VAT-free)

Online Participation, incl. conference documentation
EUR 690.00 (VAT-free)

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The colloquium will take place at TAE in Ostfildern near Stuttgart.

Veranstaltungsort TAE in Ostfildern bei Stuttgart

Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V.
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The event is subject to the Covid-19 regulations.


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