11th International Colloquium Fuels

Conventional and Future Energy for Automobiles

25 to 27 June 2019,

in Stuttgart / Ostfildern


For the eleventh time experts from Fuel Industry, Automotive Industry and Researchers from International Universities and Institutes have met at TAE Esslingen to present their latest findings and results on Fuel Quality aspects and Alternative Fuel options. Between June 27th and June 29th more than 150 participants exchanged their knowledge and opinions about the Future of classical and Alternative Fuel.

The Colloquium opened with an overview about legal framework of European CO2 Reduction targets. More than 50 high level Presentations on Fuel Quality Test Methods and Alternative Fuel topics had been held and discussed. Focal point of numerous discussions had been the impact of fuel quality on engine efficiency and engine out emissions. The Panel Discussion about “Future Mobility” treated forecasts of alternative powertrain developments in different versions  and finally concluded about the crucial way forward to achieve real GHG savings confirmed by a realistic Life Cycle Assessment  and not only by optimistic assumptions.

The presentations and discussions of the 11th International Fuel Colloquium have shown again how complex and challenging the journey to lower GHG emission will be. Continuing collaboration between Fuel and Automotive Industry is mandatory as well as the strong support of Universities and Research partners. Finally it was very obvious that the Fuel Colloquium is contributing to a more sustainable mobility in facilitating the right platform for the exchange and the discussion of all aspects connected with the system “engine/fuel/environment”.
The Organization Team and Technical Advisory Board of the International Fuel Colloquium thank all authors and speakers for their contributions.

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The 12th International Colloquium “Fuels” will take place from 25 to 27 June 2019.

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