Excursion - 21st International Colloquium Tribology

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Industrial and Automotive Lubrication

28–30 January 2020
Stuttgart / Ostfildern, Germany



Plant Tour to Daimler Sindelfingen - Friday, 12 January 2018

On Friday morning you have the opportunity to visit Daimler AG's largest car production plant in the world.
The tour offers a detailed insight into the fascinating world of vehicle manufacture: starting at the press shop, past the ballet dancing of the robots at the body shop, to the marriage of the vehicle body and powertrain in the assembly areas. In the logistics "super-market" you can see how vehicle parts are lined up ready to be transported to the assembly lines.

A shuttle bus will take us from TAE to Sindelfingen and back. The tour is about 2 hours.

The tour includes a lunch buffet after return to TAE.

You have to register separately for the plant tour.

The fee is 40 EUR free of V.A.T.


  8:15 am Meeting Point at TAE reception desk
  8:30 am Departure of bus shuttle to the Daimler Plant
10:00 am Start of Daimler Plant Tour
12:00 am End of Daimler Plant Tour
12:00 am Departure of bus shuttle back to TAE
                  Short stop at the airport (train to Stuttgart Central Railway Station)
ca. 1:30 pm Lunch at TAE

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