Main Subjects - 22nd International Colloquium Tribology

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Industrial and Automotive Lubrication

28–30 January 2020
Stuttgart / Ostfildern, Germany



Main Subjects

Lubricants and additives
> Additives, lubricants and synthetic lubricants
> Environmentally acceptable lubricants
> Lubricating greases and solid lubricants
> Hydraulic, turbine and compressor fluids
> Food-grade lubricants
> Complex fluids and rheology
> Standards and specifications
> Environmental considerations
> Universal fluids for lubrication and fluid (transmission, electric motor,
   battery, power electronics of BEV)

Automotive tribology and lubrication

> Tribological challenges of electrical cars
> Gasoline and diesel engines
> Fuel-economy of engines and powertrains
> Loss and CO2 reduction in engines
> Lubricating challenges in electric vehicles

Tribology of machine elements and industrial tribology

> Gears and transmission lubrication
> Roller element bearings
> Tribology in fluid power systems
> Lubrication challenges of wind turbines
> Tribology of sealing systems, mechanical face seals
> Gas bearings

Condition monitoring
> Particle and contamination identification
> Advanced filtering techniques
> Radioactive isotope
> Predictive maintenance and digital twins
> Condition monitoring and internet of things

Surface and material sciences
> Wear and wear protection
> Thin film lubrication
> Coatings and reduction of friction and wear
> Tribochemistry and surface analytical techniques
> Tribology of plastic and polymer composite materials
> TEHL and lubrication of reinforced plastics
> Embedded lubrication (plastic / sintered materials)
> Surface metrology and characterization

Fundamentals of Tribology
> Micro and nanotribology
> Fundamentals of friction, adhesion and wear
> Contact mechanics of rough surfaces
> Cryotribology
> Computational tribology and uncertainty
> Tribological reliability

Tribological Testing
> Novel measurement techniques
> Design of experiments in tribology
> Scaling up techniques from tribological bench tests to machine
   scale tests

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