Main Subjects - 21st International Colloquium Tribology

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Industrial and Automotive Lubrication
28–30 January 2020
Stuttgart / Ostfildern, Germany

Submission of abstracts

Main Subjects

Lubricants and Additives
> Additives, Lubricants and Synthetic Lubrication
> Environmentally friendly Lubricants
> Lubricating Greases and Solid Lubricants
> Hydraulic, Turbine and Compressor Fluids
> Food-Grade Lubricants
> Complex Fluids and Rheology
> Ionic Liquids

Metalworking Fluids
> New standards and specifications
> Environmental considerations

Automotive Tribology and Lubrication
> Gasoline and Diesel Engines
> Fuel-Economy of Engines and Powertrains
> Loss and CO2 Reduction in Engines
> Cryotribology

Tribology of Machine Elements and Industrial Tribology
> Gears and Transmission Lubrication
> Roller Bearing Tribology
> Tribology in Fluid Power Systems
> Lubrication Challenges of Wind Turbines
> Tribology of Sealing Systems
> Computational Tribology and Uncertainity
> Gas Bearings
> Tribological Reliability

Condition Monitoring
> Particle and Contamination Identification
> Advanced Filtering Techniques
> Condition Monitoring and Internet of Things

Surface and Material Science
> Wear and Wear Protection
> Coatings and Reduction of Friction and Wear
> Tribology of Plastic and Composite Materials
> Tribochemistry and Surface Analytical Techniques

Fundamentals of Tribology
> Fundamentals of Friction, Adhesion and Wear
> Contact Mechanic of Rough Surfaces
> Surface Metrology and Characterization

Tribological Testing
> Novel Measurement Techniques
> Design of Experiments in Tribology
> Scaling up Techniques from Tribological Bench Tests to Machine Scale Tests
> RNT Techniques

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