• TAE International Colloquium Tribology

    International Colloquium Tribology

    25–27 January 2022

Submission of Abstracts - 23rd International Colloquium Tribology

Information for interested speaker

All those interested in participating as a speaker are invited to submit their paper by 31 July 2021 using the form below or by email to susan.ferront@tae.de.

Call for Papers

Your presentation proposal should contain:

  • Main title and subtitle of the paper
  • Meaningful description (max. 20 lines about benefits, goals, content of the lecture)
  • Author details with complete contact details, possibly also co-authors with contact details

The duration of the lecture is 30 minutes, including 5 to 10 minutes of discussion.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be requested to submit a 2-page extended abstract with figures and references which represents the quintessence of the presentation. There is no need to submit an additional manuscript.

As we expect a larger number of abstracts than we can place in the program, please understand that we are obliged to evaluate and select the best papers. The authors are free to submit the complete manu-script (if interested) to relevant journals subsequently.

Pease note that speakers are charged a reduced registration fee of 190.00 EUR. Co-authors will be charged the full fee. If speakers share a presentation, only one of them will be charged the reduced fee.

Online submission of abstracts

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